Program Overview

Developing Your Talent

Warfighter & Family Readiness (WFR) Training seeks to partner with you to identify areas of opportunity for professional development, to make your job easier, to improve the programs and services you deliver, and ultimately build customer loyalty. We want you to proudly serve Sailors, Airmen, and their family members as a FFR Employee.  To foster this, we offer learning events in the following two programs:



To learn more about these programs, please visit their respective pages within the WFR Region Training Portal.


In addition to the learning programs offered by WFR Training, you will want to inquire with your Supervisor about any Program-Specific Development or Navy/Air Force Required Training, such as Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) or Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR), you will need to attend.


Learning Events Lead to Commencement

WFR Training offers Learning Events for all employees, regardless of Non-Appropriated (NAF) or Appropriated Fund (APF)/GS status, rank or grade. While there are expenses to the organization for these Learning Events, you are not charged any fees to attend. Every Learning Event offers you the opportunity to commence using new behaviors skills, apply knowledge or improve your abilities in the FFR-Specific Essentials: leadership, sales, and service.


Manage Your Career Progression

Similar to how your career progresses to a pinnacle of success, Learning Event opportunities progress too. You need to decide where you want your FFR career to take you. Work with your Supervisor to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that identifies what WFR needs from you, what you want to be, where you want to grow and develop and when you want to be there. You may choose to incorporate Personal Career Development opportunities - such as mentoring, job shadowing, college classes, professional seminars or certifications - to reach all of your goals. However, you won’t want to miss out on the learning opportunities offered by WFR.


4 D's

Take a look at the four levels of FFR Training: Define, Direct, Develop and Deliver. Have you mastered the skills at your current level of employment? What Learning Events will prepare you for where you aspire to be? Make your plan, discuss it with your Supervisor and get started today. All FFR employees are expected to attend and implement in their daily duties the key actions and behaviors of three foundational Learning Events: Star Service:

  • Creating Stellar Customer Relations (CSCR),
  • Building Trust Under Pressure (BTUP), and
  • Stellar Service Sells.


Make Your Learning Time Stick

To get the most value from any Learning Event, you are encouraged to meet with your Supervisor before and afterward. During these meetings, review the learning objectives and determine what is the most important outcome from this Learning Event and discuss any potential barriers to learning you are anticipating. For example, “Who is going to cover my shift during class?” After you have attended the Learning Event, meet again and discuss how you will apply what you have learned and how your Supervisor will reinforce your correct application of the behaviors or skills. By taking the time to review the learning objectives with your Supervisor, discussing how to implement the new behaviors and skills and identifying what improved performance looks like, before and after a Learning Event, you will find greater personal and organizational benefits.  Most importantly what you have learned will stick with you!